And so it begins…

Courtesy Asma Alghoul (CC 3.0)
Courtesy Asma Alghoul (CC 3.0)

Let’s get the conversation started. I’m going to toss out a number of topics in which I am interested to help get things rolling. You can then add comments on which ones you like or add one of your own. From that list, I will create a series of posts, open to discussion where we can have a conversation.

It would be helpful to have read the “About” and “Rules” page before you begin to understand that this is a forum for open discussion on ideas and topics and not for “ad hominem”¬†attacks against people and thoughts with which some might disagree. Also, I need to reiterate that this is a family-friendly place. Let’s keep the language appropriate for moms, grandmothers and school age children who might want to join the discussion. .

Feel free to respond to a post or say something new.

What do you think?

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