Who Is Your President?

A person was whingeing on Facebook recently about the security cost New York City has to shoulder to protect president-elect Trump, basically telling the city to suck it because Trump is “not my president.” Really? Have you moved to Canada and not updated your Facebook status? There was also an article in the Washington Post claiming “Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner”. Apparently, this special snowflake’s only remaining safe space under a Trump presidency is her apartment.

If you are an American citizen, Trump will be your president come January just as Obama has been your president for nearly eight years and Bush for the eight before that. Agree with each of them or not, like them or not, they have been or will be the commander-in-chief all due to the process the founders established nearly a quarter of a millennia ago. The country has not come apart yet is unlikely to in the Trump era. Coddling a Chicken Little attitude about the next four years is not helpful and will not change a stinking thing. Not a one.

For those of you still butt-hurt about Trump not winning the popular vote, sit down now and drink your can of shut the heck up. The U.S.A. is not a democracy. Nor is it American Idol where the person who gets the most votes wins. If you do not understand why this is not the case, go back and read article two of the constitution and then do your own research on why it was set up that way. While doing this, take a moment to understand that if the popular vote winner got to be president the country would forever be ruled by the people in California, New York and Massachusetts, and Texas would secede from the union.

The Electoral College

The electoral college process has been the law of the land, like it or not, since 1791. It cannot be retroactively changed after the last votes were counted and those who think that it should, and the presidential win was stolen from Clinton are bereft of logic. One of the best examples of why this is the case came from Dana Loesch in a World Series analogy.

The Dodgers take game one from the Red Sox 10-0, but the Sox come back winning the next four games, each time with scores of 1-0. Boston wins the World Series, right? Yep, because the baseball rule book says the first team that wins four games in the world series are the champions. However, using the logic of those who believe Clinton should be president, L.A. should be the World Champions because they scored more runs than Boston in the series. This thought process is ridiculous.

2016 Electoral College Votes

Here is a short course on how the process works. The electoral college considers the voting in each states as separate contests. When a candidate wins a state he or she gets all the votes that state has in the college (except for Maine and Nebraska where the votes can be split). The number of votes each state has is based upon the percentage of the national population each state living within their borders. For the 2016 election, California had the most votes with 55 and a handful of states had the fewest with only 3. The candidate who receives one more than half of the 538 electoral college votes is elected as the next president. It is really that simple.

It does not matter which candidate gets the most citizen votes. Nor does it matter which candidate wins the most states. The founders set it up this way so that states with large populations cannot determine the outcome of elections. It also respects the sovereignty of each state. It might make sense to select the president by popular vote if the United States was a democracy, but it is not. It is a republic. The difference is important.

Presidential Support

Regardless of whether you supported Clinton or Bernie, or you were just convinced that Trump is the second coming of Howard Beale, he will be sworn in as the most powerful person on earth next month. Get over it. He deserves the nation’s respect and support. Not because of who he is but rather because of the office he will hold.

How can anyone not support him? Those who wish Trump ill and hope that he fails is also hoping for America to fail. The two are inextricably linked for as long as he holds the office of the president. Just as those who disagreed with Obama supported him as resident of the oval office. Most might not have agreed with his policies and might have even disliked him, but they accepted him as their president. It was the will of the people and elections have consequences.

So, in 2017, what is the best way to proceed? Start by acting like grown-ups, with grace and mercy, not only for Trump but also for those who disagree with him. Will the progressives reciprocate? Unlikely, given their behavior in the past month. Clinging to their established talking points, they maintain that about half of Americans are intolerant and unfair, racist, xenophobic homophobes. Will they change their minds next year? Unlikely. They will stay wrapped in their blanket of despair as they lash out at the hateful alt-right because that is all they have.
This leaves America in a very sad state. The chasm between left and right is so large that it makes the Grand Canyon look like a back yard slit trench. The Trumplings are too busy doing a victory lap to reach out to the left while the statist progressives are so wedded to their ideology to move out of their safe spaces. All the while the media does all it can to fan the flames of conflict because it gets ratings and pays the bills.

This is the world today. Get used to it or do something to change it. Those are your only options.

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