I am, apparently, a racist. Why? Because I believe Islamism is a threat to the United States, and more broadly, the world.

Now, please go back and carefully read that and note what I said and, more importantly, what I did not say. I did not say Islam is a threat to us because it’s not. Islamism is.

Execution1Islamism wages jihad on infidels, Christians, like me and anyone who doesn’t follow Islam and live by the Qur’an and Hadeeth. Islamists imprison, behead, burn, drown, rape infidels like me. They kidnap American Muslims traveling in the middle east and hold them for ransom while they are repeatedly beaten. Regardless of whether the ransom is paid or not the captive is usually killed. This is not only what Islamism does, but does so proudly. See here, here, here, here, here, here and here. And if they’re not doing the killing, they’re laughing about it. Islamism is evil incarnate.

Are there Islamists here in the United States? Of course. Are they in hiding? Obviously, some of them are, like the group in San Bernardino before the massacre. Or the two Islamists from Phoenix, AZ that drove to Garland, TX so they could kill Michelle Geller at her “Draw Mohammed” contest. But some are out in the open like those who chanted “Death to America” at a pro-Hamas/Palestine rally in Chicago back in 2014.

From these to the Boston Marathon attack, Ft. Hood shootings and others, America and Americans (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) live in danger from an Islamist attack. The history is there. It was in all the papers. So, am I a racist because I believe the reports from CBS, Boston Herald, L.A. Times and the rest? Apparently. Because they (start with CAIR and the Tides Foundation and work out from there) have some word salad, devoid of logic, that believes that we should accept everyone. No matter what. Somehow, they don’t realize it’s a position that is thoroughly fraught with danger.Execution

OK. So let me throw out some names for those who think facts come from Satan. Hinkley. Dahmer, Speck, Chapman and, oh, don’t let me forget Manson. Chew on those for a while and when you can figure out why we should have accepted them too, get back to me. I’m sure that your torrent of illogic would put Mr. Spock (pick your favorite) on the floor, in stitches.

“Love all. Respect all.” Yeah. Sure. That might have worked for the House of Blues back in the day but I’m more of a trust-but-verify sort of guy. When I’ve deviated from that approach things tended to go pear-shaped pretty quickly. Most importantly, no one gets my respect just because you exist. You don’t. You have to earn it and that requires a history of doing things signifying that you deserve it. Want to fast-track it? Donate a kidney to a dying child you don’t know and we can talk.

One Muslim in particular that has my respect is Dr. Zhudi Jasser who I have watched for nearly a decade. He, and others, seek a reformation of Islam in much the same way Martin Luther propelled Christianity out of the dark ages. Their work makes sense to me and while I cannot speak to the specifics of what should be changed within Islam, I’m thinking that a stance of, “I’ll do me. You do you.” makes a ton of sense. It’s worked for Christians, Jews, Taoists, Buddhists, Sikhs and those of other faiths for hundreds of years, at least. Are there Muslims out there like that now? Sure. Probably hundreds of thousands, and with them I stand.

Meanwhile, back to the Islamists. You go home. You’ve done your damnest to foist a twisted, deviant Islamic hybrid on the world and I am with anyone who is fighting against you. I will fight you under our law. American law. No more. No less.

I will not suggest that we ban all Muslims from entering our country. We are not at war with Islam. We are at war with radical Islam and Islamists. Americans do not take kindly to punishing the innocent with the guilty. We only need recall the WWII Japanese internment camps. That was wrong. Full stop. Find me someone who thinks those were a good idea and I’ll give you a dollar.

Knee jerk reactions to threats and danger give us ineffective, ham-fisted tactics that are often times counter-productive. “Off with their heads” and “Let them eat cake (although the latter was never actually said)” were not effective strategies and those who subscribed to them were never considered particularly bright or cunning. They were considered clever, which is the idiot’s version of being bright and cunning. When I think of bright and cunning I think of Lord Nelson, Rommel, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Washington and Lincoln, to name a few. I’m pretty sure that none of them were in favor of rounding everybody up.

So some think I’m racist because I want a thoughtful, reasoned discussion on how to deal with Islamists. So be it. You will be led by those that speak in broad generalities and platitudes because it’s that rhetoric that will solve our problems. #SaidNoOneEver. Oh, and while we’re here, you might want to look at your presidential pick in that context. It’s not the only reason to pick, or not pick a candidate. But for me it is one very significant consideration.

I’m a racist? Oh, that’s so clever.

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