A Chapter Closes. Another Opens

HuB_SMALLAfter almost 5 years here in Sarasota and the HuB I’ve decided it’s now time to do something different, somewhere different. Lucas, the owner of HuB Studios, and I talked for a couple of hours over brunch last week. He said that he knew this was coming for about a year. So did I. For the first three years Rich was the head of the HuB, he found or created so many projects that gave back to the community. Those were my favorite because they made a difference. That is an important part of my service to my Lord. Yep. I mean making some money is important since I am fond of eating. But I need more than chicken and ice cream. 


When Rich went to Offrs.com full time last year, the charitable projects came along less frequently. Then producers Christine and Joey left, they took their considerable energy with them to pursue their own paths in the world. They had made it so much fun to be there.

David took over, and HuB Studios changed. Not a bad thing. The world always changes and all God’s creatures adapt. David brought his smart focus and considerable energy to HuB Agency. HuB Studios reaped the benefits with more work and new clients. Global companies. I get that but I need more than just a regular paycheck so I’ve been thinking about what to do next for a while. 

Scotty moved back to Detroit to pursue his love and vision. And Michael left to pursue his next direction. I didn’t realize how amazing he is until our breakfast last weekend. Of all the people at the studio when HuB 3.0 launched in December 2012, only Lucas and I were left. 

As I explored my options for life after the HuB, I remembered back to February 2011. I had been staying with my brother in New Hampshire. I was trying to get work in media somewhere but there’s not a lot of churn in the workforce up there. The idea of working for someone else had long since lost its luster for me, but again, eating is good. My job search there never went anywhere. 

 I was also working on social media to connect with like-minded people. People doing something important things out in the world. I found a woman, Pam, an author who had an idea of telling stories of people and their faith and how it was making real difference. We went back and forth online for a while trying to figure out how to do it. I mean we live in the world of the webernets. So we can do it from anywhere. 

It was clear that my job search wasn’t working so I decided to head back to Southern California. My son and some close friends were there and that would be my base going forward. I never got there. I ended up in Sarasota at Pam’s suggestion.

 I arrived on Wednesday. Went looking for a place to live on Thursday and a man I met said I should talk to Rich. On Friday I did. The next week I was working on my first project for the HuB. The Historic Green Village on Anna Maria Island.

That week I found City Life Church and met Pastors Brian and Chad. Talking with them I found out that Pastor Dave from my church in New Hampshire had been there the previous summer, riding to a retreat on Long Boat Key. I knew that City Life was where I was supposed to be. I was baptized in the Lord there.

My years here have been amazing. While shooting the “Moving Thelma” chapter of the Historic Green Village I met Robert Hahn. He was covering the story for Bay News 9 and one day we had lunch. He said that he loved his job because he got to do things he wouldn’t normally do, go places he wouldn’t normally go and meet people he wouldn’t normally meet. That sums it up for my years with the HuB. 

From a realtor on Palm Island to Nik Wallenda in HuB’s studio. There were so many people. Professional baseball and football players, national figures whose names you’d know and other’s you wouldn’t. They all taught me so much.  

My Lord led me here. Now, He’s leading me to the next part of my life.

I am first going to Massachusetts for Christmas with family and New Years with friends. Then I’m heading to Texas.

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